Examwizz is an interactive online learning platform that provides multitude of learning modules, videos, tutorials etc. thoughtfully created for students of every age by a group of experts and facilitators. Along with learning, students can solve quiz tests, do their homework, challenge their peers and gain proficiency in all the topics of their different subjects.

Examwizz for Students
No more boring theoretical sessions and homework!!

Simply a click on Examwizz will take you to interactive learning modules where you can learn in a fun way.Challenge your peers through quizzes, earn rewards and stay motivated.

Examwizz for Schools/Teachers
No more individual marking of papers and homework!!

Simply a click on Examwizz can invite all your class students in an online learning setup where you can seamlessly teach through our modules, create your own modules, assign tests and homework and create their independent skill-based reports.

Examwizz for Parents
No more spending on expensive tutors and tuition travels!!

Simply a click on Examwizz will take your child through guided learning in the comfort of your home. You can monitor their daily progress through our detailed analytic reports and focus on the areas where they need attention.

How we make Tests

Quizzes Fun
Multiplayer QUIZZES - Fun for everyone!

Designed to provide students with an engaging and safe learning experience. Targeted and adaptive content with structured support, plus gaming and rewards.

Advanced game statistics and rankings

Each quiz has its own leaderboard where players battle for first place. Keep track of your player’s progress and the number of games played.

Rich tools and sharing

We offer a rich set of tools to make your quiz, exam or assessment fit your needs. You'll be able to integrate it in your own website with our easy to use embed tool. Users can share your quizzes so you can reach a larger audience.


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