The Biggest Online 11 Plus Mock Exam Series

Examwizz Mock Exams are written by qualified teachers and 11 plus experts. Every mock exam covers CEM and GL formats. Last year 1200 students appeared for the Examwizz mock exams & 78% of them reached their desired Grammar Schools

These mock exams are supported by an independent session with 11 Plus expert for guidance and feedback

  • Time-bound tests
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Solved answer sheets
  • A session with expert for feedback and guidance
  • Detailed results, highlighting areas that need focus
  • Your child’s relative performance against other students
  • Comprehensive question-by-question analysis of your child’s performance


  1. Each exam is divided into 2 parts - Paper A and Paper B
  2. Each paper is for 1 hour and the complete is exam for 2 hours
  3. We use pre-recorded video 5 mins before the exam for the instructions
  4. All the questions are multiple choice
  5. The exam is run in strict timed conditions


  1. Immediately after the exam, we will provide a detailed result, question by question, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the child.
  2. Another compiled result will be shared within the next 48 hours of the exam, to provide the relative performance of the child against other students who sat in the competition
  3. An independent after-session exam with the expert will be scheduled for guidance and detailed analysis of the child’s performance
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