11 Plus Mock Exam Pack 2

English, Maths, NVR and Verbal Reasoning

1 Year Course

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Mock Exams

  • These Mock papers include English, Maths Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal questions just like the real 11 Plus Examination.
  • At the start of each question, there will be a set of instructions which you will need to apply until further instruction.
  • Track your progress on topics covered

What's Included

  • 4 Online Exams Papers A and B
  • Access on Laptop/tablet and phone
  • Instant Marks
  • Real-time progress assessment
  • Detailed answers and report on how you did in Exam
  • Comparison data against other students who sat the Exam
  • Exam cohort Average and graph shows where your child is in the examination

Mock Exams Description

Our Mock Exams are designed to give real exam experience and builds your child’s confidence, as well as challenges them. Exam conditions are also adhered to, so they become familiar with all aspects of the exam. All our Mock Exams are timed to improve their time management skills which is a key element that needs to be developed for the exams. Detailed analytical performance reports will be provided on your child’s performance including pass marks and average marks for everyone that has taken the exams.

Benefits of the Mock Exams

  • Increases confidence in answering questions
  • Timed questions help student to practice speed
  • Analytical report analysis shows areas to improve on
  • Smart way to improve your success at the real examinations
  • Improves Performance and progress and motivates students