Sep 26, 2020

How Examwizz Can Help You To Prepare For SATs

The SAT (Standard Assessment Tests) examinations are a set of standardised assessments for primary school students in the UK. These examinations are held in the month of May, for year 2 and year 6 students and are a mandatory test in the UK for all government institutions. They help assess the overall education progress of a child as well as the teaching effectiveness of the institute. 
Schools are often worried about a child’s performance in this test as it could change their ranking and support from the government. Parents are worried about their child’s performance and often tend to teach them to excel in these exams by following strict study regimes. But is there another way of making your children and students prepare for upcoming SATs without forcing them to spend hours reading a book? Yes! Examwizz can come to your aid by changing the concept of learning for your little ones.

What is Examwizz?

Examwizz is a fun learning quiz platform with a range of games which can be modified by adults to suit their needs. This game-based learning platform is not just child-friendly, but extremely effective in helping students to understand concepts using visual memory.

It has various features like analytics, progress trackers, practice tests, mock tests and homework which can help your child to prepare in a virtual environment.

How will it help your children to prepare?

Children prefer mobile phones and screens rather than books and papers. Why not change their learning methods so they can learn through what intrigues them most? Examwizz does exactly this by making your child interested in learning in the form of rewarding fun games. They enjoy learning in this way, whilst also acquiring the knowledge which will help them to pass their SAT exams.

What more can Examwizz do?

Examwizz uses various machine learning algorithms to assess your child’s weaker areas and track their performance. With our analytics service, you can easily monitor your child’s progress and focus on those areas requiring improvement.

Why choose Examwizz?

The platform provides specialised classes for SATs have with unlimited study resources, mock tests and practice tests. It can give a detailed feedback report of the same to parents. The adaptive AI algorithm helps to determine the child’s performance and learning abilities and provides appropriate resources accordingly.

Examwizz is an extremely efficient and modern way of helping your child to build a strong base and excel in the SATs examinations.

Written by Pouname Khaira
20 Year Experience in Teaching