Oct 01, 2020

COVID-19 — Free Online Tutoring Services to Schools by Examwizz

COVID-19 has shaken the whole world to another level and has distanced every individual from society, work, travel and more…

While health is the most important aspect for everyone, there are a few things that have to go parallel and those cannot wait. One such thing is - Education. But in this crucial time, when the government has to shut down the schools temporarily for everyone’s wellbeing, learning and teaching are being compromised.

To overcome this challenge, Examwizz has taken a step to provide absolutely free services to schools for teaching online to all their school students. Now, everyone can sit safely in their homes, including administration, teachers and students, and via Examwizz all can play their parts without any hurdle.

Examwizz is an online learning platform, where teachers can invite all their class students to a virtual setup and teach. The platform offers unlimited access to learning modules, tutorials, videos, practice sessions from year 1 - year 6. Teachers can also create their own sessions and teach. Apart from this, teachers can run practice and revision sessions and can also assign daily homework. The understanding of each child can be checked via online tests for which instant reports are produced automatically by the system.

We are glad that Examwizz has been able to support so many schools and students all across the UK. It’s time we all get together and support each other! We are playing our bit, are you??

Written by Pouname Khaira
20 Year Experience in Teaching