Oct 02, 2020

An Ultimate Solution to Help Your Child Clear 11+ / SAT This Year

It is highly crucial to engage children in learning and keeping them motivated all through their preparation for the crucial tests like 11+ and SATs.

A couple of years ago, we did research on understanding child’s psychology while they learn new concepts and found out that they learn best when they can relate their life experiences to the concept. Also, they need to visualise every thing being taught to them thoroughly. Further, their understanding can be checked when they are given mild challenges, not too hard and neither too easy. That way they stay motivated and are encouraged to learn difficult concepts as well.

Along with that, we also found out that most of the times, students feel stressed and pressurised when they are expected to perform good in school exams as well as manage their tuitions and homework everyday. Add to it the travel time!

Since, in our team, many of us are already parents who have gone through such phases, so we knew that we need a platform that provides this all and at a cost that one can easily afford. So our educational experts with years’ of exposure in teaching students for such tests, curated an online learning platform that provides self-guiding tutorials, videos, modules and much more on each topic and subject. These are thoughtfully designed, from basic to advanced level, keeping in mind every child’s learning pace. After each concept there are tests, quizzes and small challenges that test the understanding of the child as well as build confidence in them. After test, an instant feedback and report is provided that tells the areas where the child needs to improve. Further, the child can go through more videos and modules on the same topic and keep on moving further at his pace.

Last year, a lot of our students’ got benefitted from this by scoring top grades in SATs and 11+. The best part is they did not spend on expensive tuitions, books as well on travelling.

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Written by Pouname Khaira
20 Year Experience in Teaching